We are a design research practice for the built environment, exploring the impact of architecture and urban design on the human psychology and physiology.


We support evidence-based design through our knowledge and application of environmental psychology and building physics.

We do not design, but we help make design better.

What we do


Current Occupancy Evaluations

We can help you understand how and why people use and behave in well-established spaces, to inform design briefs or address site-specific problems.


Design Psychology Assessments™

We have developed a unique assessment tool based on the principle of psychometric testing. These assessments help to improve the performance of a new scheme by minimising assumptions in the design process related to human behaviour.


Post Occupancy Evaluations

We undertake scientific evaluations of new spaces with a specific focus on the user point of view. We assess how well these new spaces align with user needs, and identify ways to improve design, performance and fitness for purpose.



We undertake commissioned and self-initiated research into the relationship between people and the built environment. We use this research to produce publications, run exhibitions and for urban installations.


Writing, Talking & Teaching

We write short-form and long-form for newspapers, journals, magazines and websites. We give lectures, run studios and mentor students. We also speak at conferences and seminars and take part in panel discussions.

Where we work



Heathcare // Education // Housing // Workspaces // Hospitality // Retail // Museums & Libraries


Public Spaces

Streets // Plazas // Squares // Laneways // Parks // Gardens // Shared Spaces // Shared Paths // Bicycle Lanes // Pedestrian Zones