City of Sydney StreetShare Strategy

Jonathan Daly (while at GHD) led the development of this strategy, the first of its kind in the world to propose a set of evidence-based behaviour change interventions and program to address behavioural barriers to urban cycling.

The City of Sydney’s StreetShare strategy identifies programs and initiatives to create a more harmonious relationship between all users of shared space, both off-road and on-road, and was developed to complement their bicycle infrastructure plan. The project was Initiated by the passion and vision of the City of Sydney's cycling manager Fiona Campbell and was supported by the leadership of Mayor Clover Moore and CEO Monica Barone. 

Working in collaboration with leading Australian changologist Les Robinson and GHD's social sustainability team, Jonathan developed a suite of 12 programs to address the behavioural goals of increasing participation in cycling and supporting coexistence on shared paths and on the city's streets.

Read the strategy here.

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