Colac Otway Shire Active Travel Strategy

Jonathan Daly (while at GHD) led the development of an active travel strategy for the Colac Otway Shire in Victoria.

The Shire’s diverse geography and population, together with growing levels of obesity and chronic heart disease linked to physical inactivity, pose significant challenges for getting more people walking and cycling.

The strategy was developed using Mutfung's Program Design Framework™, which combines behavioural science with Design Thinking - defined as “...the ability to combine empathy for the context of a problem, creativity in the generation of insights and solutions, and rationality to analyse and fit solutions to the context.”

Within this framework, two behavioural models are applied: First, a model of human behaviour is developed to understand the key determinants of existing behaviour; and secondly, a model of behavioural change is developed to determine the conditions that need to be in place for the new behaviour to occur.

The strategy comprised a range of infrastructural, behavioural, policy and regulatory, promotional and leadership actions.

The strategy focuses on short local trips and school-based travel within the main centres of population across the Shire.

Read the full strategy here.

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