knapkin - a building design sketch tool

knapkin is a simple app that allows designers to check the performance of spaces inside buildings.

It is a tool to help you iterate through design quickly, checking against rules of thumb in good building design practice.

knapkin will help you answer questions during design:

  • How big should the window be for good ventilation?

  • Is there enough daylight in the room?

  • What are common design parameters for typical spaces?

  • How much air is needed to remove heat gain in a space?

The app is a suite of six, easy to use modules, with other exciting modules to be added in the future.

It was created to capture the 'rules of thumb' and common calculations that we use everyday, when designing buildings. Repeating calculations and looking up references all the time was slowing us down so we made knapkin, to simplify the process and help create an efficient workflow.

Our best ideas tend to come whilst lost in the ambiance of a great cafe or sitting on a bench, admiring a beautiful vista. So knapkin was developed as a means of having the most useful information in one hand, whilst the other was free to sketch some ideas out.

knapkin is also about sharing the practice of building with anyone involved or interested in the design of spaces.

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