National Share the Road Campaign, NZ

Jonathan Daly (while at GHD) was appointed by the Cycling Advocates Network (CAN) as an advisor on behaviour change in the design of a national road coexistence campaign.

The project, funded by the New Zealand Government through the New Zealand Transportation Authority (NZTA) aimed to improve the relationship among drivers and cyclists.

Avoiding traditional, and largely unsuccessful, mass media campaigns, the approach taken focused on engaging specific cohorts ( or communities) of road users in a more deep and meaningful way. This involved engaging groups of bus drivers, road racing cyclists and truck drivers in a series of workshops and role exchanges, where drivers and cyclists would try and gain an appreciation of each others perspective when using the road.

The initial pilot stage was mostly undertaken in Auckland with bus drivers, who took part in bicycle skills training and agreed to ride to work for one week. One of the most compelling outcomes of the project was the number of bus drivers who continued to ride to work after their engagement in the campaign. 

A set of protocols were developed - entitled 'The Good Bunch' -  for road racing cyclists setting out behavioural expectations for group riding on the road. The protocols were then reproduced as a card that was widely distributed among road racing clubs, bicycle shops and along popular riding routes.

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