We are a team of architects, psychologists, engineers, urbanists and designers who are committed to the design of better human habitats.

Tai Hollingsbee

Director, Melbourne

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Tai is a building physicist and microclimate designer who contextualises human physiology with the physical phenomena experienced by people in spaces.

Jonathan Daly

Director, Melbourne

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Jonathan is an environmental psychologist, urbanist, writer and lecturer who explores the relationship between human behaviour and the design of public urban spaces.



Dr John Sadar

Associate, New York

John is an architect, educator and writer who studies how the materiality of our built environments mediate the relationship between our bodies and the environment.

Chloe Hamman

Associate, Melbourne

Chloe is an environmental psychologist exploring how the physical work environment impacts employee performance, wellbeing and job satisfaction.

Sooz Lomas

Associate, Melbourne

Sooz is our in-house visual communications guru who loves pictures, words, pictures of words and triangles.

Dr. Leila. M. Farahani

Intern, Melbourne

Leila obtained her Ph.D at Deakin University, where she developed a framework for exploring a sense of community and social life in residential street environments.

Regina Ocampo

Intern, Melbourne

Regina completed a Masters in Environment, Sustainability Studies. She is currently a tutor for Human Behaviour and Environment at the University of Melbourne.