We provide the evidence to support important design decisions for the built environment.   

Client Services


Current Occupancy Evaluations

We help clients understand how a well-established architectural or public space is performing by examining how people use and experience it. 

This type of evaluation helps to: 

  1. inform a design brief for a new scheme, or
  2. to address site-specific problems, particularly when the causes are not clear.


Design Psychology Assessments™

We have developed a unique assessment tool based on the principle of psychometric testing. Whereas the former tests the candidacy of a person for job role, a Design Psychology Assessment test the candidacy of a scheme for a role in the built environment.We do this by first establishing a spatial performance criteria for the scheme, measuring the the fit between this criteria and the proposed design, and then testing weak assumptions behind design decisions.

Theses assessments are particularly beneficial for schemes where:

  1. the context is complex, such as a new square to serve a multicultural community
  2. there are specific concerns about the scheme, such as public safety issues
  3. something new or unfamiliar is being introduced, such as shared space


Post Occupancy Evaluations

We undertake scientific evaluations of new architectural and public paces with a specific focus on the user point of view. We assess how well these new spaces align with user needs, and identify ways to improve design, performance and fitness for purpose.



We deliver in-house training workshops for built environment professionals on design psychology and the application of our methods applied to real world case studies. 



Self-Initiated Research

We undertake our own research projects to explore new and innovative areas of interest related to how people experience social spaces. We use these projects to develop and test new methods, tools and techniques. 


Funded Research

We work collaboratively with universities, think tanks and other organisations to undertake research into the relationship between people and urban environments. 



Public Speaking

We deliver national and international keynotes at conferences and seminars and participate in panel discussions on psychology in architecture/urban design. 



We are available for TV, Radio and newspaper interviews on the relationship between people and urban environments/cities, including liveability, health, safety and technology. Our staff have previously appeared on the ABC, SBS, Ten and Channel 7, as well as being interviewed on several radio shows and have been quoted in The Age newspaper.



We write short-form and long-form articles on a range of subjects related to our practice, for a range journals, magazines and websites. 



We are available to give lectures, run studios and mentor students in architecture, urban design, transport planning, landscape architecture, urban planning and environmental psychology.