Swanston Street Redevelopment

The design, delivery and evaluation of a behavioural adaption program for the 26 million AUD regeneration of Swanston Street in the heart of Melbourne.

The goal of the program was to help pedestrians, tram users and bicyclists to adopt the behavioural expectations of the new streetscape design, to help maintain the safety and comfort of all users.

A two part program was designed. The first part engaged street users in a conversation about the changes taking place in the street. Australia's top paste up artist Drab, was engaged to create a 2D depiction of street life that was pasted onto the hoardings which surround the construction site of the first tram stop at the state library. The paste ups included speech bubbles, some of which were primed with questions inviting street users to respond and write their own. A twitter hashtag was used to continue the conversation online. Among the characters depicting street life were sporting umpires and referees, who then came to life in 3D the second part of the program.

The second part of the program kicked off on the opening day of the first tram stop outside the State Library. Professional actors and street performers, characterised as sporting umpires and referees took to the street to engage street users in positive, humorous and often whimsical interactions to encourage them to take care and and show consideration for others in and around the tram stops. 

Watch how the program unfolded in the videos shown opposite.

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