Urban Behaviourology Services

The combined practice of behaviour change and behavioural design. 

Behaviour Change

Behavioural Design



We apply behavioural science to address issues associated with environmental sustainability, walking and cycling, social interaction, health promotion & safety and security.


We apply behavioural science in the design of workspaces and urban spaces, to improve their performance and the user experience.


We also provide range of additional complementary services associated with behaviour change and behavioural design.

Behaviour change interventions, programs & strategies

We design and deliver behaviour change interventions, programs and strategies using our Behaviour Change Design Framework™, based on a combination of behavioural science and design thinking.

Monitoring and evaluation

We develop and deliver monitoring and evaluation frameworks and plans for behaviour change interventions, programs and strategies.

Strategic reviews

We undertake strategic reviews for organisations who are actively engaging in the delivery of behaviour change programs, to help them rethink, re-frame and realign current activities with their core values and goals.

Urban design research

We explore the relationship between human behaviour and urban spaces, through the lens of environmental psychology, to better inform the design of streetscapes, squares, plazas and parks. 

Behavioural design assessment™

We have pioneered a method to assess the likely success of an urban design scheme, based on the well-established and proven technique of ‘Psychometric Testing’. Whereas the latter is concerned with testing the candidacy of a person for a specific job role in an organisation, a Behavioural Design Assessment tests the candidacy of an urban design scheme for a specific role in the built environment, based. To explore the alignment between the proposed design and the human condition to minimise the potential for negative unintended consequences that result in costly retrofits.

Urban design evaluation

We undertake systematic evaluations of designed spaces from the user’s point of view. We assess how well urban spaces align with users' needs, and identify ways to improve design, performance and fitness for purpose.


We provide in-house training packages on the application of our Behaviour Change Design Framework™. 


We deliver guest lectures, provide major project supervision, and participate in architecture and urban design studios.

Public speaking

We are experienced public speakers and are available to speak at conferences, on public panels or at in-house events.


We are available to facilitate one-off workshops, focus groups, and design charettes.