We help make the urban spaces we live, work and play in more human-centred, engaging and resilient.


We are more than problem solvers, we also help prevent them. We work at both ends of the spectrum - designing the new and retrofitting the old.

Our approach is founded in established fields of science but we are also committed to experimentation and innovation through research and creative inquiry.

We are driven by a desire to always do better, to push the boundaries and create work that has substance, is enduring and creates a stronger contextual fit between people and place.

Our Core Services



We study the relationship between human behaviour and urban environments, a practice we call Urban Behaviourology™. 

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We explore the facets of the urban experience that create intangible feelings of excitement, security and delight through creative inquiry.

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We design thoughtful and engaging identity and branding, print, environmental graphics and infographics.

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We Also Do



We are fascinated about the visual communication of the behavioural and physiological data and information related to the spaces we live, work and play in.



We are passionate about the role of technology as a tool for enabling change. We use technologies in our work and we also develop some - check out knapkin.



We have a simple philosophy, if we are excited by an idea but we lack the skills to deliver it, we'll find them.