Workspace Design

We help to design workspaces that are better aligned with the human condition through:


Workspace Consulting

We provide consultation services to help align design concepts with your company’s purpose and culture. We work together with your planning and design team to ensure a workspace fit for purpose. We also specialise in workplace matters of culture, wellbeing, engagement and leadership.


Design Research

We explore the relationship between human behaviour and workspaces, through the lens of environmental psychology, to better inform design decisions. 


Behavioural Design Assessments™

We have pioneered a method to assess the likely success of a workspace, based on the well-established and proven technique of ‘Psychometric Testing’. Whereas the latter is concerned with testing the candidacy of a person for a specific job role in an organisation, a Behavioural Design Assessment tests the candidacy of a workspace design to meet the needs of a specific organisation.


Post Occupancy Evaluations

We undertake systematic evaluations of workspaces from the user’s point of view. We assess how well these spaces align with users' needs, and identify ways to improve design, performance and fitness for purpose.