Yarra River Behavioural Study

An investigation for the City of Melbourne into the various shared spaces along the Yarra River corridor between Punt Road Bridge to the Webb Bridge.

The aim of the investigation was to ascertain the level and nature of reported conflict between users of these shared spaces (including bike riders, walkers, and joggers etc) and and develop recommendations to improve their safety and comfort.

The methodology employed mainly ethnographic research methods, including full and marginal observation and interviews, to understand the relationship between the users and the environment.

From the synthesis of the research findings a range of short, medium and longer-term recommendations were proposed to improve the legibility, function and experience of the corridor. Shorter-term proposals mainly comprised simple infrastructural measures with longer-term recommendations focusing on more strategic issues.

All proposals were carefully considered in terms of the natural environment of the corridor and the various amenities provided along its length.

 Conversations on Birrarung Marr
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